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I feel soo much better after going to my appointments! Chiropractic has saved me from having back surgery and is helping me with my migraines!

Anne Ninete

I Love going to Schollmeyers. Doc listens to what is hurting and is so knowledgeable, he knows the exact adjustments needed immediately. Last week my hip hurt so bad I was limping, doc adjusted me and immediate relief. Doc researches a lot too, things even beyond the scope of his practice to increase his knowledge of my health issues. Everyone in his office are so friendly, kind, and smiling, that gives me a lift. Great help with insurance choices for those of us trying to choose our social security supplemental insurance. Great family atmosphere, I feel so at home and cared for there.

Lesley Daniel

Been going to Dr. Schollmeyer for years and currently bring my daughter too. The adjustments have helped her with bed wetting. I know that our regular maintenance has helped with our immune system. We rarely get sick.

Emily Wageman

Very friendly staff great chiropractor!

Cord Scheer

Everyone is always attentive to the needs of every patient.

Shalonda Robinson

Yesterday morning I threw my back out, and was very impressed with Dr.Schollmeyers' team to take me in right away as a new patient. The girls were very welcoming and I never felt rushed threw the whole process. Dr. Schollmeyer was very informative about the process and what was needed to fix it. I'd definitely recommend friends and family to visit. Thank you for making this painful process as smooth as possible.

Schelby Peck

When I first went to see Dr. Chuck I was extremely Ill. The light would bother my eyes, very sensitive to light and noise , I had everyday headaches . Was in bed for weeks!!! Two months later I’m back on my feet moving more. Those corrections, stretches and exercises that Dr. had me do helped me a lot !! Getting my life back !!! Ladies there are very friendly! Thank you !!!!

Pearly Luna

Always greeted with a positive smile, courteous and genuine concern for the patients health. Love Dr. Schollmeyer! I am walking better now than I was a year ago when I first started seeing him. Never believed in chiropractic before. Now, I’m feeling better and I’m a believer!

Mary Wallen

Got me in on same day as I Threw my back out. Affordable and educational. I’ve been to medical drs and physical therapy and other Chiropractors in town and none of them has helped me as much as Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic has.

Linda Lange

Looking for a great chiropractor.. come see Dr Schollmeyer. You will not regret it.

Larissa Nelson

Super friendly staff and Doctor Schollmeyer is very helpful and informative

Kristy Janousek

They are super friendly and very informative! Great atmosphere.

Kourtney Thompson

Every one is very friendly and they really care about their patients even explain everything that's is going on.

Kenzie Rose

I now have a good understanding of the issues I’m having and look forward to healing! Everyone is very kind and welcoming!

Kayla Cushman

Thanks for improving my overall heath through the great work of Dr. Schollmeyer and his amazing staff.

Kate Bartholomew

My daughter has enjoyed going to Doctor Schollmeyer. He is very friendly and knowledgeable and talks to you about what is best for your body.

Jennifer Smith

I have been going to Schollmeyer’s for about 20 years. I highly recommend Dr. Schollmeyer. I have neck, back, knees.etc issues. The Dr. is very knowledgeable, friendly, and try’s to get to cause of the problem! I couldn’t imagine not going, I be in a lot of pain! I use to take pain pills daily to help with pain to no pills now for 20 years! !My whole family goes! My 4 year old has very bad leg pains and after adjustments it helps ease them. My husband also has back issues and he was skeptical at first when I introduced him to chiropractor care. He is so happy now that he receives adjustments and is in less pain to no pain.

Bobbie Jo Burns

Dr Schollmeyer and the amazing staff is always willing to get me in whenever I need to be adjusted! I started coming when I was pregnant and Dr. Schollmeyer helped me through the horrible back pain! Always a great upbeat atmosphere! Thanks Everyone! -Heather, Kas, Emmett & Elliott

Heather Urich

Been going to Schollmeyer Chiropractic since my twins were babies they are 9 now. It has changed my life and my kids life for the better! Everyone that works there is so wonderful! And I love how informative Dr. Schollmeyer is with you about explaining your problems! My children & I love going there and blessed we have found such a great place.

Farrah Buckley

Such a wonderful friendly group of people. Dr S explained everything about my issues so that I could understand how messed up my back is! Ha ha! So far so good!! Blows my mind how he pops and pushes and makes things better!!

Dawnella Thilliander

Excellent service. Was blown away with how informative it was. Chuck hand checked my back and pinpointed problems without X-rays. Something I’ve not experienced before with a chiropractor. Would recommend his services to anyone!

Daniel Lenaeus

I was in chronic pain, including severe headaches. Now the pain is gone, the headaches are gone, and I'm active again. No surgeries needed, no medications needed. I can't thank you enough!

Dan Backens

I have enjoyed going to Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic, they are all very welcoming and I have benefited from the adjustments greatly. After a motorcycle accident damaged my neck I had issues with headaches and backaches, now I am doing so much better and as an added bonus, my asthma has gotten better also.

Christin Nott

Great experience, Dr Schollmeyer and his team are passionate about helping. Never been to a doctor appointment and wanted to go back. Well educated staff and willing to help. I recommend “Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic” Am heading there tomorrow for a treatment.

Charles Kettle

I have been having issues with my back for years. Went to my 1st visit with Dr Schollmeyer and after taking x-rays he found multiple points in my back that are effecting more then I thought. I'm very excited to have him correct the problems and be able to do things like I used to be able to. Everyone is so friendly and ready to help in the process.

Barbara Jones