First visit walkthrough

First visit information

What to expect

You may have a few questions, before coming in, about your new patient appointment. This is where we’ll cover the most commonly asked questions that we get from potential new patients.

How long does the first visit take?

You can expect for your first appointment to take anywhere from 30-45 minutes, depending on a few factors. (e.g. the severity of your injuries, if you were in an auto or work accident, did you fill out the New Patient Form ahead of time)

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What’s the process & procedure?

After all the necessary short forms are completed and any insurance information is presented, you will meet with Dr. Schollmeyer, for a Consultation, where he will address your health concerns. After an Examination, he will determine if additional diagnostics are needed, such as Digital X-rays.

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Will I get adjusted?

Dr. Schollmeyer will need some time to go over any diagnostics, along with your exam findings to determine what level and type of care is best for you, before you receive your first adjustment. The Front Desk will help you find an appointment time, over the next day or so, for you to go over your Report of Findings with Dr. Schollmeyer.

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Report of Findings visit.

On this visit, Dr. Schollmeyer will go over his findings, give his recommendations for treatment, referrals if necessary, estimated cost of treatment and insurance coverage, and answer any other questions or concerns that you might have.

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Take that first step towards a better you

At Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic, we provide exceptional chiropractic care. We believe that high-quality services, and friendly customer service go hand-in-hand, when it comes to your health and path to healing. That’s why we focus on making sure every patient feels welcome at our office, and that their individual needs are treated to the best of our ability.