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After 16 years at the corner of 19th and Bell Streets, Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic is making some adjustments.

Charles W. Schollmeyer, who opened his business in 1997, moved recently to 2415 E. 23rd Ave. South, Suite 200.

“There are new changes about every week because it takes a while to really get things organized,” Schollmeyer said.

Anytime Fitness moved into 7,400 square feet of the former Goodwill building last year after Heineman Properties LLC purchased the building and remodeled it.

Prokicks Martial Arts Academy and Glassman Hearing Aids are also located there.

“It’s all new, a new look, and we like being next to the fitness center. We feel that’s right up our alley,” Schollmeyer said.

“We needed more space for parking and we like the location,” he said.

Schollmeyer hosted an open house and Chamber of Commerce coffee last week to introduce his new facility, and the increased visibility afforded by the 23rd Street corridor is making his practice easier to find, he said.

“I get a number of people who are actually noticing we’re here,” he said. “They knew we were in town, but they just didn’t know where.”

With 1,200 square feet, Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic actually downsized a little from its original location, “but we’re utilizing it pretty well,” Schollmeyer said. “It was just a shell so we got to do a complete build-out.”

Customer reaction to the ultra-modern open area with its high ceilings and flat screen wall televisions, “has been very positive,” he said.

Schollmeyer uses digital X-rays, which he said are more accurate, and nerve testing features.

“It’s a good tool for the evaluation of their progress,” he explained.

A licensed chiropractor since 1994, Schollmeyer said educating his patients is an important aspect he stresses as part of their treatment.

“In our office we work together with our patients. We do a lot of in-home work, like teaching them certain exercises they can do at home by themselves. I let them do as much as they can on their own; it’s a more active approach,” he said.

Weekly workshops at Schollmeyer’s are a somewhat unique feature, he said.

“We do 30 different topics at different times of the year,” he said. “It’s sort of a rotation so it probably takes about 18 months to get into all the different topics.”

A recent topic, “Stress: Adapt or Perish,” addressed how stress affects the body, and an upcoming session is titled, “Cervical Brushing and Flossing.”

A class listing is available at www.schollmeyer.com.

“I’d say the education is a big thing,” Schollmeyer said. “It’s not only about getting you better physically, but also teaching you how to take care of yourself.”




Dr. Charles W.  Schollmeyer

Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic




Schollmeyer Named Local Representative of Foundation for Wellness Education


Local chiropractor, Dr. Charles W. Schollmeyer, Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic, has been named the official local representative for the Foundation of Wellness Education for the community of Fremont.  The Foundation for Wellness Education (FWE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about health and wellness issues.  Through educational initiatives they provide wellness information to local communities by offering a variety of free programs to local civic groups and organizations, clubs, churches, businesses, and schools.  The programs are delivered through a national network of volunteer doctors who lend their expertise to teach timely health related topics such as how the body works, family wellness, health for children, stress management, nutrition and workplace safety. 


Since the FWE’s inception they have educated thousands of individuals nationwide about the amazing benefits of living a healthier lifestyle.  “That’s what appealed to me most about this project,” said Dr. Schollmeyer.  “The FWE believes that every individual should lead a life of wellness but unfortunately most people do not fully understand what true wellness is, or the steps to make living an empowered life a reality.  As a volunteer doctor I’m excited to lend my expertise to teach life-changing wellness principles in my own community.” 


In their work across the country the FWE has found the topic of workplace wellness to be of special interest to businesses both large and small.  As the economy and health care continue to be at the forefront of concerns faced by Americans, many employers have come to realized the bottom-line impact of fostering wellness within their workforces.  Employers have been able to utilize the free programs provided by the FWE to contain health care costs, curb absenteeism and boost productivity, all essential in a competitive business world and difficult economic times.  Local volunteer doctors view the work they do with local businesses an important way they can support the economy in their communities.


The workplace wellness programs provided by the FWE include topics such as ergonomics and workplace safety, as well as condition specific workshops on subjects like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, back injuries and more.  In addition the local volunteers offer a variety of options for employee wellness screenings and health fairs.  Regardless of the size or complexity of a workplace wellness program, the FWE can easily dovetail their initiative to fit with the company’s objectives. 


Dr. Charles Schollmeyer is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic.  He is a 1994 graduate of  Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa.  His practice, Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic was established in 1997 on the principle that overall health is a product of regular care and healthy lifestyle choices.  Dr. Schollmeyer and his wife LuAnn live in the Fremont area and have 5 children. 


For more information about Dr. Charles W. Schollmeyer and the Foundation for Wellness Education, contact Dr. Schollmeyer directly by phone at 402-721-5500 or by email at (info@schollmeyer.com).  Additional information is also available via the Foundation for Wellness Education website at www.FoundationForWellnessEducation.org.







Dr. Charles W. Schollmeyer

Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic




Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic Celebrates

CA “University” Graduation


Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic, Fremont, is proud to announce the graduation of Diane Brown and Jackie Mitchell from the CA “University” program for chiropractic assistants.


The year-long educational program, offered by Chiro Advance Services, was created to advance the role of chiropractic assistants in the profession and give them a resource for personal and leadership development.  Commencement exercises took place at the Chiro Advance Services chiropractic seminar, held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Bloomington, MN.


“Diane and Jackie’s choice to be a part of our practice and this very rewarding profession gives them the opportunity each day to make a powerful impact on the lives of our practice members,” said Dr. Charles Schollmeyer, of Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic.  Completing this program has only strengthened their abilities and confidence and we couldn’t be prouder.”


“Don’t take your responsibilities lightly,” said Heidi Farrell, founder of Chiro Advance Services and head CA “University” trainer, in her commencement address.  “The community and the world is looking to your example and trusting that you, along with your doctor, will guide them toward greater health and wellness.”


Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic has been serving the Fremont community since 1997.  Brown joined Schollmeyer Family Chiropractic in January of 1999, and Mitchell joined in November 2003.  “We knew we would learn how to do our jobs better through the program,” said Brown and Mitchell.  “What we weren’t expecting was how much the program would teach us about life.  We feel like we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.”